Hunter, 20, California, the rest is in faq

Anonymous said: This iOS 8 update makes taking nudes a whole new art form. 😎

how so?

Anonymous said: my friend just got a new girlfriend 2weeks ago and she doesnt want him hanging out with us (she told him she jealous of our other friend) he is actually listening like hes acting funny and only talks to us when shes not around we'been friends since last year but because he hasnt found a girl who likes him that he likes back in a long time hes actually choosing sides instead of asking her to actually get to know us. Its sooo annoying because we were all soo close

I’m sorry to hear that!

Anonymous said: I wanna see you without a shaved face.

my skimpy little mustache? fuck nah

Anonymous said: the fact that you haven't shaved is so hot tho

no i look so gross

Anonymous said: selfie please

i havent shaved my face in like 3 days

Anonymous said: did you really just say "but that's gay" to that question???

omg it was a joke no i would not do that as a dare

Anonymous said: oh yeah you got your wisdom teeth pulled out! I hope you feel better soon so you can eat mac n cheese lol

all i want is real food :[

Anonymous said: You fixed it :)

fixed what?

Anonymous said: What to do when the guy you like has a girlfriend, but shows interest in you (noticed by several people in our class), and you know they are only still together, because if they broke up, it would be awkward in our class... x

you sit back and wait, and if they break up then you take the chance and talk to him, and if they don’t, don’t try getting between their relationship. so really the only thing you can do is wait

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