Hunter, 20, California, the rest is in faq

Anonymous said: That's why I'm saying talk to her again, you ask her how everything's going in LA, idk just talk to her

I’ll try

Anonymous said: Omg hunter I love Claudia I watch all her videos, you should definitely start talking to her again! Does she follow you on twitter? DM her :)

We used to talk a lot! But we don’t talk anymore

Anonymous said: did you used to like claudia or something or like whats the deal

No we were just friends

  -  31 July

Anonymous said: Who is Claudia? Does she h Have tumblr

Beyondbeautystar from tumblr and yes

Anonymous said: whats your snapchat?


Anonymous said: Do you wear hunters?


Anonymous said: Post more on your snapchat story :)


  -  31 July

Anonymous said: Do you have girls as friends too? And is it like a real friendship or do you just know them and hang out?

I don’t really hng out with any girls. Like me and my friends were taking anout it, the only girls we hang out with are their girlfriends and I wish we hung out with girls more

Anonymous said: goodnight love


  -  31 July

Anonymous said: Ohh you should start talking to her again then..

She doesn’t talk to me

  -  31 July

Anonymous said: Will you follow me back if I come off anon

If you’re blog is like mine

Anonymous said: Normally I hate it when my dash is getting flooded by asks but I am not a bit annoyed by yours. Would be great tho if you could tag your asks. :) Stay fresh!

I would tag them but I just delete them later so they don’t get saved or anything!

Anonymous said: Do you like the rain?


Anonymous said: how many tattoos do you have?

Just 1

Anonymous said: in reference to the "Can you buy Australia for me?" post. y'all should get married. damn you two would be fab together

I am king

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